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Funny Memes :-

I Can’t Be live this. Giant HEN
funny memes
What is That?
Your Future.
When Your Relative Bought Clothes For you
funny memes
A Couple had a fight one night,
Going to bed husband said,
“Good Night mother of three kids”.
Wife replied “Good Night” father of none.
funny memes
Mom did my hair,
Dad did my hair,
Sister did my hair,
Brother did my hair.
funny memes
Horror Movie
funny memes
When you turn on the kitchen light at 3 AM
Love / PUB-G Game ?
funny memes
When your girlfriend is arguing with her dad and she says “My boyfriend isn’t afraid of you.
funny memes
After a Breakup
funny memes
The Whole Wide Ocean,
And You Do This.
What do you want for Christmas, Tommy?
I want a little brother !
funny memes
My Sunday Plan,
My Friend’s Sunday Plan.
funny memes
Mother and Daughter,
Father and Son.
Movie with no kiss scene,
Did you mean: Your Life
funny memes
When your girlfriend gets angry, but she looks so cute you start smiling, which makes her even angrier.
Me, after posting in this group and no one reacts.
Stay strong in your life like her shirt button.
Someone : I Love your personality.
Me :- Thanks, It’s a disorder.
Funny Memes
When the mother spends all the time of pregnancy doing selfies,
then this happens.
Hair style
When you are waiting for your ordered food,
But suddenly see your friends coming.
Imagine your boyfriend is a photographer and instead of saying 1,2,3 he says “I Love You” So you smile genuinely.
Now you can scroll because you are single.
Destroyed in Seconds
When you fall in love with fake ID,
I Love you,
But I’m 2 years older than you.
Whatever i don’t care,
But my parent’s will not agree,
If love is true then everyone will agree,.
(with tears) you really,
More than my life,
But I’m boy.
Every boy hate this
When his girl talks too
friendly with other boys!!
When you see your crush talking to other guy.
Whats wrong in this picture?
99.99 % will fail to tell.
Look This Photo Three Times.
Who is Sitting ??
Man Or Women ?

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Funny Memes
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